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Digital Marketing Careers

Step Forward Into a Marketing Career

71.7% Employed Full-time1

9.8% Continuing their Education1

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) reports that six months after earning a bachelor’s degree in business with a major in marketing in 20211:

  • 81.5% are employed full-time or continuing their education
  • Have a mean starting salary of $49,481

Why Choose Us?

As a part of the curriculum, you can earn industry-recognized certifications for Google Project Management, Google Data Analytics, and Meta Social Media Marketing Professional through elective courses. You’ll also complete the We Empower Learners and Leaders (WELL) program to develop your leadership style and gain leadership experience alongside skills NACE identifies as critical career-ready competencies — skills that graduates from other schools are deficient in by as much as 44.2%.2

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Careers and Salaries Related to a Business Degree with a Marketing and Digital Strategies Major

There are a number of roles you will be prepared to take on across the digital marketing industry when you complete your business degree with a major in Marketing and Digital Strategies, such as:

  • Digital Marketing Account Executive | $65,798/Year3
  • Content Strategist | $66,126/Year4
  • Media Manager | $75, 384/Year5
  • Marketing Specialist | $73,960/Year6

Industry Stats

As you gain more experience with a proven record for success, you’ll be eligible for more senior positions with more responsibilities and higher salaries, such as:

  • Brand Manager | $102,416/Year7
  • Marketing Manager | $142,1708
  • Advertising Manager | $142,8609

What Do Other Career Options in Business Look Like?

This bachelor’s degree offers a variety of career-focused majors that deliver nuanced skills that belong to a particular area of the degree. You can explore career options with above-average salaries and growth rates for other majors by clicking on the appropriate career page.

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