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We Empower Learners and Leaders Program

Three Life-Changing Courses

Complete an International Project

Build a Supportive Network

Achieve Your Career Goals

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Step Into Leadership Roles with Confidence

Our We Empower Learners and Leaders (WELL) program delivers life-changing skills that empower you to lead with the confidence that deep knowledge and experience bring. Amid the safety and support of a women’s university, you’ll explore leadership topics, learn how to ask critical questions, and develop independent thought.

The program is found only at Bay Path University and The American Women’s College, and it is a pillar of success for graduates of all programs. WELL gives you the opportunity to learn and practice top leadership skills and define your leadership style.

Through WELL, you’ll embody characteristics of strong leadership and set the example of excellence as someone who works to:

  • Advance others in their careers
  • Advance your own position
  • Work collaboratively
  • Be creative
  • Exemplify empathy
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Learn Life-Changing Leadership Skills

In three courses throughout your degree program, you’ll become the professional others naturally gravitate toward for answers and solutions. The program supports self-discovery and teaches you how to articulate and achieve your goals successfully. By the end of the WELL courses, you can:

  • Evaluate and develop your leadership skills while learning about the global environment of women’s leadership
  • Manage your career effectively to achieve your professional and leadership goals
  • Demonstrate your leadership skills by creating and implementing a successful social action project

WELL Program Courses

Eight credits over three courses.

Topics covered include career and leadership assessments and reflection, leadership styles and strategies, emotional intelligence, work-life balance, the global context for women’s leadership opportunities, and the impact of gendered leadership stereotypes. Students create a customized, actionable leadership development plan that will guide their growth at TAWC and beyond.

Topics covered include personal branding, elevator pitches, professional presentation, resume/cover letter writing, soft skills assessment and development, salary negotiation and financial literacy, mentoring/networking, and interviewing skills. Students hold an informational interview with a leader of their choice and complete a one-on-one career coaching session with a trained coach.

Topics covered include self-directed learning and action research, the stages of action project implementation, effective leadership for social change, leadership storytelling, and social media action. Students work with an international company to research, plan, implement, and evaluate a social action research project of their choosing.

Course Spotlight on WELL 440: Leadership in Practice

In this final class of your WELL program, you’ll complete a four-week, 25-hour virtual work-based project through our partner Riipen. Riipen is a virtual platform that connects our students to international employers so they can complete real-world projects.

Your project will be matched as closely as possible to your major and overall interests. You’ll be mentored and guided throughout the project by your contact at the sponsor company to get real-world feedback and experience.

While you’re working on the project, you’ll complete a shared curriculum with the rest of the class to apply what you’re learning to the project. Topics include:

  • Virtual leadership
  • Team dynamics
  • Boundary setting
  • Virtual networking
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging issues in leadership
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Change leadership
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Testimonials Video

Many women believe at the onset that they can’t do a virtual, work-based, international project. But when they complete it, they have a whole new sense of their skills and capabilities that allow them to move into positions they never thought possible.

Take a few minutes to watch our testimonial video and hear what the women of TAWC have to say about the impact the WELL program made in their lives.

“[The WELL 220] class has given me a sense of awareness at work and in my personal life…WELL 220 has provided tools to identify challenges women face in striving for leadership, resources, and strategies to use as guidance for resolution. It will also allow me to be a better leader and develop strengths and valued skillsets required for personal and professional growth.”
– Rachel Myers, Current Student

WELL Program Outcomes

Within the WELL program, you’ll come to understand who you are as a leader and how to brand and advocate or yourself. You’ll be able to demonstrate your leadership strengths through real-life examples that get you noticed at work.

By the end of the program you’ll be able to:

  • Create actionable career and academic plans.
  • Develop a supportive cohort of peers at the university through a shared academic experience.
  • Reflect on what types of support you need and identify support resources at the university.
  • Strategize on ways to become part of the university community.
  • Successfully navigate the challenges of school and work with success skills such as emotional intelligence, grit/persistence, wellness, mindfulness, “failing well,” and knowledge of impostor syndrome.
  • Leave with a polished resume, professional e-portfolio, and a powerful elevator pitch.
  • Understand and work toward diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) concepts and goals with a solid foundation in the understanding of DEIB issues that is important in a 21st-century workplace.


We’re excited to partner with you on this journey and to support you as you develop into the leader you’re ready to become! Learn more about our admissions process and how easy we make it for you to get started.

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At TAWC, you’ll connect with a community of driven women who are on the same path as you. You’ll learn together using SOUL, our award-winning learning model. SOUL pairs you with an Academic Advisor & Success Coach, a real person, to help prepare you for your program. Using analytics, SOUL can tell if you start to struggle, and will alert them to help you before you fall behind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ page to find answers to questions you may have about the online programs.

There are three courses in the WELL program at The American Women’s College of Bay Path University.

The WELL program is the cornerstone of success for all of our degree programs. They expertly prepare you for the softer skills of the real world of work that are often overlooked at universities and that have a surprisingly big impact on your career.

The WELL program is not a part of certificate programs and WELL 440 is not part of the associate degree programs.

The WELL program is rooted to leadership and career skills such as self-discovery and awareness, goal setting, negotiation, leadership style, and strategies that lead to success in any role and industry.

Yes. As part of WELL 440: Leadership in Practice, you’ll work on a community project for 25 hours over the course of four weeks.

You should expect roughly 22.5 hours of study time each week for each course.

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