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Your Career With A Business Degree

Strong Career Outcomes Predicted with a Bachelor’s in Business

66.7% Employed Full-time1

14.9% Continuing their Education1

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) reports that six months after earning a Bachelor’s in Business degree in 20211:

  • 81.6% of graduates are employed full-time or continuing their education
  • Have a mean starting salary of $61, 697

Why Choose Us?

As a part of the curriculum, you can earn industry-recognized certifications for Google Project Management, Google Data Analytics, and Meta Social Media Marketing Professional through elective courses. You’ll also complete the We Empower Learners and Leaders (WELL) program to develop your leadership style and gain leadership experience in areas that NACE identifies as critical, career-ready competencies — skills that graduates from other schools are deficient in by as much as 44.2%.2

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Step Into Professional Roles With High Growth Rates and Salaries

Administrative Services Manager $99,290 Per Year3

Event Manager $56,620 Per Year4

Grant Writer $64,280 Per Year5

Human Resource Specialist $62,290 Per Year6

Logisticians (Supply Chain) $77,030 Per Year7

Operations Research Analyst $82,360 Per Year8

Graduate With Career-Ready Competencies Employers Say Are Difficult to Find

In their 2022 Job Outlook Report2, NACE identifies the importance of eight critical competencies that define career readiness alongside the proficiency level current graduates have in the skill set.

While most grads seem to be proficient in recent technologies, many skills that define professional career readiness and rated with importance levels as high as 98% were deemed lacking by employers by as much as 44%. Skills such as critical thinking, communication, teamwork, and professionalism were found to be deficient in more than 42% of current graduates.

These soft skills, as well as the others on their competency list, are areas that Bay Path is proud to reinforce throughout each of our online BS in Business degree programs, making you a stand-out candidate for the role you want.

What Do Other Career Options in Business Look Like?

This bachelor’s degree offers a variety of career-focused majors that deliver nuanced skills that belong to a particular area of the degree. You can explore career options with above-average salaries and growth rates for other majors by clicking on the appropriate career page.

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By Graduation, You’ll Have Skills To:

Skills You’ll Gain

  • Thinking Critically, Innovatively, and Reflectively
  • Business and Management
  • Communication: Written and Verbal
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Financial
  • Marketing

Enjoy Lifelong Dedication to Your Career Success

You can always find the support you need to take the next step in your career whenever you need it. The Sullivan Career and Life Planning Center is here to help you from the day you enroll to the day you retire.

Chart Your Path

Work one-on-one with a member of the career success team to explore majors and careers and learn how to land mentoring opportunities.

Use Career-Enhancing Technologies

Connect to Handshake for online access to jobs and internships and to Standout, a video platform, to prepare for interviews.

Get Career Coaching

Work with your career coach on job search strategies, resume and cover letter writing, interview practice, and salary negotiation.

Get Connected

TAWC facilitates networking opportunities between students and their peers, professors, professionals, and alumni.

Review More Career-Focused Majors

Explore other possible majors in our business degree that deliver deep knowledge and experience in the current theories, technologies, and strategies in a business area with strong growth rates and above-average salaries.

BS in Business: Accounting

Learn what accounting numbers mean to managers and within key business areas as you build technical accounting skills.

BS in Business: Business Administration

Take a deep dive into business topics including sales, project management, purchasing, planning, and marketing.

BS in Business: Business Analytics

Learn to identify reasons and trends that impact success and presentation skills to influence stakeholders.

BS in Business: Digital Marketing Management

Create, manage, and analyze digital marketing strategies and earn industry-recognized certifications.

BS in Business: Entrepreneurship

Learn key areas of business to be prepared for the challenges that come with launching your own product or company.

BS in Business: Hospitality Management

Learn to recognize trends and weather changes in this ACHPA-aligned program.

BS in Business: Human Resource Management

Effectively manage and coordinate employees using data-based decision-making and new technologies.

BS in Business: Nonprofit Management

Get the specific skills needed to take roles in development, grants, programs, community services, and more.

BS in Business: Operations Management

Learn to organize people, products, services, and information to streamline processes and save time and money.


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